Starting at $250

Livestream recording & Production

With Livestreaming becoming more and more popular, it has never been a better time to get in the game. 

I will provide on-site Livestream production or record a performance or event for later Video-on-Demand streaming. Book your session today and start sharing your content with the world.

Plan on running your stream by yourself and just need some help getting set up? No Problem! I will work with you to create and implement a streaming setup to fit your specific needs.

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Starting at $200

original music production

Need an original instrumental for your next musical project? I've got you covered. I have been producing tracks for 5+ years and always bring my ear for detail and accumulated production knowledge to every track.

Need a commercial jingle for your business or an Intro for your Podcast? I've got you covered there too.


Book a Free Music Production Consultation today to discuss your vision for your next project.

starting at $250

mixing & editing

A solid mixdown can be the difference between a track that slaps and one that sounds like your cousin's garage-band demos. A great mix will also mean an easier job for you Mastering Engineer. In the end, your song is the one that wins!

Let me take care of polishing your song to be its best so you can focus on what you do best. Writing great music.

Just need your drums tightened up or your vocal takes tuned and polished? I've got you covered. Book your FREE Mixing & Editing Consultation today just by clicking below.

Sound Mixer Knobs

$100 per track


Have an amazing mixdown that you need to get release-ready? I'll give you the spice and Master your tracks to stand up alongside any other commercial release. 

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Starting at $150

Podcast Production & editing

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing news and entertainment mediums on the Internet, but syncing and editing hours of voice recordings can be a real pain when you are trying to pump out content.

Let me take the headache out of your podcast so you can focus on what matters most. Creating engaging, informative, and entertaining podcasts! 

If you want to start Podcasting but don't know how to begin, I can design and help implement a setup suited specifically to your needs.

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Sound Mixer Knobs

Starting at $300

Live SOund

I have years of experience as a live sound engineer and would love to help make your next live event sound every bit as good as it should! 

Whether it's a Band, DJ, Speaker, or other Live Event, you can rest assured that the sound for your event will be amazing.

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I will create an accompanying musical score for your short-film or other visual media. I will work closely with you to develop an aural atmosphere and direction for your piece so you can give your audience the experience you have in your head.


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sound design

Need custom samples, sounds, or sound effects like those found in your favorite games and apps? I will work closely with you to develop a coherent and distinctive sound experience for your next project.

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